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Gay Wedding Cakes and Christian Duty

On a December 19 website posting, Skye Jethani provides “A Christian Case for Gay Wedding Cakes”.  In his article, he responds to three objections by conservative Christians who have protested a recent court ruling.  The gist of the ruling is that refusal of a Christian cakeshop owner to provide cakes for homosexual weddings constitutes violation of a Colorado anti-discrimination statute.  Jethani states that Christians must move beyond a “culture-war” mentality to consider how “Scripture and Christian values would have us live beside our LGBT neighbors.”  Jethani notes three typical Christian objections to such a ruling:

  1. Providing a wedding cake is participating in the celebration of a same sex wedding.
  2. A religious business owner should not be forced to serve customers his faith disapproves.
  3. If Christians don’t stand against this ruling, the government will soon force churches to perform same sex marriages.

However, I’d like to suggest that these objections are best considered by first asking two questions to frame the issue:

  1. What should be a Christian’s responsibility toward God in the current pluralistic milieu?
  2. What kind of political arrangement gives the best chance for harmonious living within a pluralistic society?

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